*The Broken Side Of Time (Bonus Track / From the film Broken Side Of Time)

from by Matthew Ryan



12 The Broken Side Of Time
(Bonus Track - From the film Broken Side Of Time)

i'm on the broken
side of time
15 years out of my skin 
out of my mind
and there's no explaining
why i went where i've been
except that some of us are little more
than burnt fuel on the wind
my first kiss was stolen
my first love was drunk
i'm on my back on the ceiling
where the first pain was sunk
and when i say that 
i don't mean that i was lifted or free
i was more like a dead dolphin at the bottom of the sea

i'm on the broken side of time
out of my skin, out of my mind
i sing hallelujah
from the darkest of rooms
until the cold light of nothing
shivers and blooms
now i don't long for forgiveness,
for you to even understand
in this there's no difference between a fist and a hand
it had nothing to do with you
and the truth is that it never did
i've been inches from the surface since i was kid
but i'm holding my breath
and i'm quiet and loud
been on the broken side of time afraid until now
afraid until now

Written by Matthew Ryan / Copyright Plastic Violin 2012
Performed, Produced and Recorded by Matthew Ryan

*Written specifically for and inspired by the film, Broken Side Of Time which was Written and Directed by Gorman Bechard.


from In The Dusk Of Everything, released October 30, 2012



all rights reserved


Matthew Ryan Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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